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Tuition & Fees page:

Eagle Academy is committed to providing an excellent education at a reasonable price. 


We do this with a minimal staff, which allows all finances to primarily pay for classes, events, supplies, and the facility. 


The Application Fee is currently $275 $225 for the first student, and $100 for each additional student in a family.


All fees are collected through our easy-to-use online system.  


Quarterly tuition payments, which go directly to our instructors, are also conveniently made online.


Tuition breakdown:


4 ($60) payments for a one-hour-a-week class

4 ($80) payments for a one-and-a-half-hour-a-week class (typically science and math disciplines)

2 ($60) payments for a single-semester* class


$25 per semester for Study Hall–to be paid in full once class selections are confirmed


Please note that in order to build strong community within Eagle Academy, students 7th-10th grade must take a minimum of three classes per year. This three-class minimum is lowered to two classes for 11th and 12th graders.


*Eagle Academy runs on two 16-week semesters

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