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Are parents required to stay on campus during class times?

No, Eagle Academy is a drop-off, closed-campus, tutorial. This means you bring your student prior to their first class or study hall and pick them up, promptly, after their last class is over. Students are under the supervision of instructors, board members, and volunteers in your absence.


Are there any volunteer requirements?

Yes, we do ask a parent from each family to volunteer as a door monitor, or to help clean up three times per school year. There is potential to opt out of these three volunteer times, but for a fee. We ask all families to assist at one of our events, such as Orientation, Field Day, or Graduation.

Can my 6th grader take classes at Eagle if he/she is academically advanced? 

Yes, we welcome 6th graders to Eagle on a case-by-case basis, provided the parent believes the student can handle advanced coursework. Please contact our Enrollment Coordinator at enrollment@eagleacademytn.com for more information.


Is Eagle Academy an Umbrella School?

No, Eagle Academy does not serve as an umbrella school. We strongly recommend that all families stay in close contact with their umbrella schools during the class selection process, which ensures classes are taken at the right time in the student’s academic career, and that they are receiving the appropriate credit for classes. Eagle Academy does consult with HomeLife Academy umbrella school regarding the suitability of our curricula. 


How will I know what assignments my student has for a given week or what grades they are getting in their classes?

Instructors will upload all assignments and grades to our online portal, iGradePlus. Both parents and students will have accounts and are able to log in any time. Each week’s assignments are available online after 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, and grades for previous assignments are uploaded on a weekly basis.


Why are students required to take a minimum of three classes?

We require students take a minimum of three classes for two highly beneficial reasons: relationship building and class viability. Taking three classes means the student is on campus long enough to build strong relationships with instructors and other students, and ensures that classes have the highest chance of becoming viable. If a class does not reach a minimum of three enrolled students, it may not be offered that school year.

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