Family Promise

Eagle Academy is recognized for maintaining exceptional communication between parents and instructors, and for holding its students to a high expectation with regard to accountability. One procedure we implement, in order to reach this distinction, is conveyed as our Family and Student Promise.

Family and Student Promise

We, the instructors, and board members of Eagle Academy, are partnering with you to assist your family in your educational pursuits.  We know this is an important and entrusted responsibility, thus we are grateful to be invited to partner with you. 


As we work together to “Prepare our youth to soar,” we ask each parent, along with their student to partner with us by recognizing and subscribing to the following pledges:

As a PARENT, I promise to:

  1. Enrich Eagle Academy with my words and actions by supporting those directing the program.  I will also volunteer to help, in order to lighten the load on campus, in accordance with the parent participation guidelines.

  2. Purchase the required materials for each class by early July in order to be prepared for the start of the school year.

  3. Prayerfully and carefully consider the classes I select for my student(s). I will fulfill my financial obligations by paying all tuition-related costs, in accordance with the deadlines, even if I should need to withdraw from the program.  I understand that Eagle Academy has a No Refund Policy.

  4. Promote the learning experience for my student(s) by ensuring they complete their assignments each week, arrive to class prepared, and arrive on time.

  5. Address any questions that may arise to the appropriate leadership (Instructor/Dean of Instructors/Director) to ensure Eagle Academy maintains a stable, orderly, and peaceful environment for learning.

  6. Review the Eagle Academy Handbook, communicate program expectations, and supervise this Family and Student Promise, as needed, throughout the year.

I understand that I am still recognized as the primary teacher for my student(s). I am enlisting the help of Eagle Academy instructors in the endeavor of educating my student(s). I will not list Eagle Academy as my umbrella school, but may list the curricula used by my student(s).

As a STUDENT, I promise to:

  1. Cultivate my relationship with Jesus and my understanding of His Word

  2. Be prompt to class and participate with a cheerful attitude.

  3. Be respectful to all adults as well as the facility at Eagle Academy.

  4. Be kind to my fellow students in words and action.

  5. Work on assignments given each week with diligence, honesty, and excellence.

  6. Uphold the expectations & dress code laid out in the Eagle Academy Handbook.

  7. Commit to the Eagle Rally Cry:

"We are EAGLEs: Excellent in Christ, and Accountable to God,

while Learning to Excel Academically!"

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