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     Eagle Academy offers classically infulenced and academically challenging classes taught by quality teachers who are passionate about Jesus and their subjects.  At Eagle Academy we believe that the middle and high school years should be the time when teachers apprentice students in specific subjects that will help them soar into adulthood. 


At Eagle Academy we value parent teacher communication. We do this through:


  • An online communication site which allows our teachers to send weekly homework assignment sheets, messages, and to receive questions from our students, as well as administer some online assignments.  


  • Our Eagle Academy Student Planner, which holds our students accountable by requiring them to write down and plan out their weekly assignments.  Over the years our students develop the skills for holding themselves accountable.


These tools help all of us partner together as we all are "Preparing our youth to soar!"


     We are excited for you to get to know the faculty at Eagle Academy!  Our faculty are gifted by God as teachers, studied in their fields, have life experience in their respective areas, and are passionate about teaching our students.  Our teachers submit to our board approved curriculum which intergrates subjects by time periods and categories.  


We are proud to introduce you to our classes and teachers of Eagle Academy!

Our Math Department is made up of three extraordinary teachers who teach using Saxon Math.  

     Carole Miller who teaches our 7/6 and 8/7 courses is a home school mother of six graduated students.  She has been teaching Saxon Math for years as well as is a private tutor in the area. Carole's calm approach to teaching is refreshing both to our students and our parents!


     Jennifer Dixon, to our Math Department - who studied Secondary Math Education at North Georgia College and State University. She is a former public school teacher and now home schools her own children. She loves to teach and help students see that math is a subject they can master.

     Kristin DeBoard, who teaches Algebra 1/2 and Geometry, has experience teaching in public and private schools. She studied Biology and Mathematics at Belmont University. Kristin strives to make her classroom an engaging and exciting place for students to learn the math skills they will use in the future.

Our Science Department is made up of three amazing teachers who teach using Abeka Science.


     Regina Stone, who teaches Earth Science, is  a chemist by trade.  She came to us after teaching in the Nashville Metro School System.  She also heads up our Standardized Testing in the spring.  Regina is passionate about teaching science in a Christ - centered environment! 

     Barbara Cliftwho teaches Life Science, BiologyPhysical Science, Chemistry, and Marine Biology, grew-up in a family of scientists!  Barbara is well known in the middle Tennessee home schooling arena for her field of study.  Barbara is passionate about not only teaching science but taking students on field trips which help to develop hands on experience for them.  Barbara - values teacher communication; heading up our online IT system, yearbook, and serving on our board.

     Amy Patterson, who teaches P.E., Health, and Consumer Science class is lovingly referred to as "Chef Amy".  Amy launched and heads up a local church cafe as well as home schools her four children. Amy has a passion for cooking as well as for safety in the kitchen.  She is also one of Eagle Academy's valuable board members!

Our English/Literature Department is made up of two passionate teachers who teach using IEW & classic literature. 

     Tina McMahel, who teaches our 7th-9th grade IEW courses, is a  well known certified IEW instructor, and is personally mentored by one of their authors.  Tina fell in love with the IEW style when she taught her own sons.  She has a passion to share this style of learning with our students so they can soar!

Tina also serves on our Curriculum Committee.

     Erin Forte-Froehling, who teaches our upper level Medieval Classics Club class and upper level American, British, & World Literature, as well as Middle School TN History, is a home school mom and local teacher who values reading comprehension as well as other subjects.  Erin has years of experience in home school areas teaching and substituting various subjects.  She is passionate about literature and hopes to encourage her students to develop a love for it as well! Erin also serves Eagle helping with producing our annual yearbooks


History Department is made up of three dedicated teachers who teach using Bibloplan, Mapping the World by Heart, and Notgrass 

      Amber Davis, who teaches US History, Government, and Speech spent years traveling for business in the field of training and organizational development before coming home to teach her children, help her husband in ministry, and launch her own business.  Amber is passionate about teaching history and speech to young students so that they can develop gifts to inform and inspire others locally and around the world.  Amber serves Eagle through website design, curriculum, and marketing.

     Greta Gilliland, our AncientsMedieval History and Economics Personal Finance teacheris a home school mom who is passionate about teaching history and finance to upper level students.  Greta is  highly skilled in the area of personal finance, with a background in corporate accounting. She is committed to champion her students in a Christ-centered environment as they develop and strengthen their enthusiasm for these abounding studies!


Foreign Language & Electives We are thrilled to offer classes in these areas which enrich learning and provide required HS credit hours

      Shari Burch, who teaches ACT Prep, graduated from Lipscomb University with a B.S. in Organizational Communication with a Minor in Speech & Management.  Shari is a home school mother who traversed college prep with her daughter helping her gain a Presidential level scholarship by way of an excellent ACT score.  She is passionate about imparting knowledge to students facing the ACT so they too can reap cost and time saving benefits.

      Mireya "Mede" Marroquin Dunn , who teaches Intro to Español (Spanish), and HS Abeka Spanish 1 & 2, is a homeschool mom who is a native fluent Spanish speaker and enjoys the Spanish language. She has a background teaching homeschool Spanish in co-op and summer camps in an engaging & interactive way and being an intervention reading tutor to struggling students of all ages.  Mede enjoys traveling and sharing Hispanic cultural/traditions with others.

     Kelly Terillion , our Sign Language teacher, is passionate about the use of sign language to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds! Kelly has been working in this profession for many years, and is excited to teach others to sign in order to help facilitate communication for the deaf! 


      Ginger Latham, to launch our first Art Courses Ginger began studying under local artist Shirley Pharris in 1999. She has had the additional privilege of studying with nationally known artist Charles Gruppe', Margaret Dyer, Lew Gordon, Igor Babailov, Dawn Whitelaw, Barbara Applegate, Lori Putnam as well as the Portrait Society of America 2001 International Portrait Competition winner, Shane Neal. Most recently she has studied in Spain with watercolorist, Paul Raymonde and charcoal in New Zealand with Richard Moore. She has also attended demonstrations featuring Richard Schmid and Daniel Greene. Her work has been featured by several venues, including Belle Meade Plantation and she is the recipient of both local and national awards. Her work may be viewed online via - Proudly created with

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